Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Male Student

Rather disturbingly, in my dream he was giving pleasure of a sexual nature to John Cleese. Oh dear.

Caroline, London

I did not too long ago. We were supposed to have lunch but he buggered off to vote or something, then bumped into him in a bar later but he blanked me. I awoke feeling disturbed.

York Student

A school sports day at my school. He was in a stripy blue rugby shirt, and white shorts. Standing on the other side of the field jogging on the spot. I caught his eye, he strolled over, we chatted. It was cool. I've never been so angry at waking up!

Unemployed Female In Peckham

I was babysitting Boris's kids. The kids kept multiplying and I couldn't remember their names and felt embarrassed. They were paying me thirty dollars an hour which I was really excited about.

Conservative Family With No Dog

I was walking a large dog on a lead when Boris approached with small dog on a led. In order to let them pass, I let go of the lead of the big dog. The dog ran off and I felt guilty. Later, I spoke with my husband to tell him that I once again let go of the dog's lead to let Boris and his dog go by. My husband insisted that I be firm and hold my ground while letting them pass.

21 Year Old College Student

I was at a Boris rally in the heart of London. Boris announced that he wanted to change his middle name to be more patriotic and show his commitment to being a true Londoner. He said from that day forward, his middle name would no longer be de Pfeffel -- it would be 'de Cab Driver': Alexander Boris de Cab Driver Johnson